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Trusted Bedford Indies-2

We all know there are sound, proven reasons for using local small businesses,  such as improved sustainability and in order to strengthen the local economy.

Yet there are so many more intangible benefits which are not to be underestimated.

As former small business owners ourselves, we know not only the blood, sweat and tears that go into turning a dream into reality, but also the day to day angst which can take its toll. When you are lucky enough to have like minded customers who share your dream or vision (even in some small part), it really does make the whole thing worthwhile. (You also feel vindicated, that this was not some hare brained idea!)

As customers, we certainly aren’t looking for the kind of homogenous experience you are likely to receive at a retail park or shopping mall.

Independent businesses are the antithesis of that.  The chances are that you are way more likely to have a unique experience and to feel some of the warmth, welcome and care that the person is investing in their business. You may also be supporting a dying tradition or craft. Or perhaps encouraging a person’s creativity. You may end up educated or enlightened by the experience.

Knowing your local owners (and them knowing you) provides a great feeling of belonging and also confidence that you are receiving quality goods and services. They may look out for products that they know you will like. You in turn may make suggestions – its a reciprocal relationship (and lets face it, its always good to feel heard!) In addition,  it is also undeniably a good feeling knowing exactly where your money is going.

At Taste Adventures, we support a varied and vibrant high street that is accessible to everyone. We want to feel that in some small part we are helping to build a community where all parties feel connected and valued. In other words, we want to be part of something bigger and we wholeheartedly believe that supporting our indies is a good place to start!

We hope you enjoy making your way through the directory and would love to hear from you if you know of others that should be on here…