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Local Heroes – Treewell Farm

A couple of months ago, I spied a post on facebook putting out a call for volunteers to help on
Bedfordshire’s newly established (and only) community farm, Treewell Farm. The idea appealed to me on several levels; firstly I know how spending time in nature has positive mental health benefits. Secondly, I liked the positivity in the idea of creating something of a community. Thirdly, it would keep us on “the straight and narrow” on a Friday night….

Happily I managed to get Brian on board with this idea (he stopped asking questions years ago) and we
went along on a Saturday morning to meet Meghan and Richard Kempson, the cheerful new owners of
this 7 acre farm, part of the historic Moggerhanger Park Estate. The couple and their cute little son, Seb only took over the farm a few short months ago.

Following the death of the previous owner who had lovingly tended it for years. The farm was now in dire need of some TLC (and serious hard graft).

Although there is much to be done. Our part is less arduous – to clear and tend the beds in the charming walled garden. The premise is simple; volunteers (henceforth known as Treewellers), get to grow and keep their own vegetables, in return for maintaining the land. Any surplus is shared amongst the Treewellers. It’s a simple concept based on sustainability and shared values, which really appeals to me. (Also they’ve got goats – the “leader” being called Brian!)

So, what’s not to love here? We get to hang out with likeminded folks on a Saturday morning (the
session lasts 9-2, but you just do what you can). We happily spend our time digging, weeding, watering
etc (we haven’t taken on our own plot as we’re only here till September).

Our reward is seeing the veggies now coming into their own. After so much heat and rain, things are
really starting to happen. From tomatoes, to runner beans, peppers, chard and courgettes, for someone
like me, who has never successfully grown anything, its like alchemy!


So, in short if you find yourself at a loose end, looking to meet good people and do a bit of green gym, I can heartily recommend a bit of fresh air therapy, down on the farm. Be part of something special.


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